English Lovers – Impro theatre – AUL 1 & AUL 2

Bericht: Mag. Birgit Ratzenböck-Desbalmes

The two AUL classes wanted to have some fun in English in the afternoon before the end of the school year and so their English teachers told them about the fantastic show of the English Lovers. So we ended up having great time in our afternoon lesson at the end of June. Here is some feedback from our students.

Mag. Michaela Brightwell/Mag. Birgit Ratzenböck-Desbalmes

I think it is obvious that there is no better way to showcase an entertaining play through zoom than presented by the English Lovers. The whole class including our teacher had something to laugh about. We absolutely enjoyed an hour of fun and spontaneous creativity. And we clearly hope that we are able to see the English Lovers live on stage very soon.


I really enjoyed the performance. The actors were great and they put so much effort in their activities, it was unbelievable. Agreeing with Viktor, everybody had a great time, we laughed and had quite a lot of fun. It truly was an amazing show.


On the 22nd of June at 1 pm AUL1 and AUL2 had a visual theatre via zoom, to be more specific it was called impro theatre. Impro theatre is a form of live theatre (in our case via zoom) in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a play, scene or story are made up spontaneously. Often suggestions come from the audience.

The actors asked us to name as many emotions, situations and places we could think of and acted out our suggestions. The crew was very friendly, energetic and talkative. We had lots of fun during this experience and we would love to do it again – this time live hopefully – maybe for the Christmas show in winter.

 Kati & Frank



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